Things I’m expecting to see in The Sims 4

play_with_life_sims3Ask the people closest to me, the ones that have lived with me and they will confirm that I am addicted to playing one of the best-selling PC games of all time, The Sims. I’ve been playing this game since 2003, and I’ve never stopped. I’ve had the first (with two expansion packs which were pretty cool), the second (one expansion pack and a stuff pack) and now the third instalment (two expansion packs, and in the process of getting another one) and I am eagerly awaiting the fourth, not sure of what to expect.

Most of my friends don’t see the deal with The Sims, and why I spend half the day at my computer, just playing it, and for me it’s hard to explain because even I’m not sure. I guess it’s the power given to players to create people the way they want, decide who these people will be, then control every aspect of their life — either enrich them or destroy them. The Sims allows me to be a god over these little people, and for someone who has things happen to her spontaneously and I have no way of controlling future or even present events, this is a thrill.

Also, this game is good for sad people like myself who are not living the fantasies we secretly think of. And all the various expansion packs that keep coming out make the experience more real world-like. For example, the first EP to come from The Sims 3The Sims 3 World Adventures, allows Sims to travel abroad to India, China and France and go on expeditions and do touristy things. I heard of that and I was like “I want! I want!”

Right now, I have the Showtime and Late Night EPs and they complement each other as they give Sims places to go and entertain themselves at night. Places like fusion lounges, dive bars, dance clubs and karaoke bars. With the Late Night EP comes new products, like a “juice” (because now, they’re no long drinking just juice) bar where your Sim can practice the skill of Mixology, and make drinks worthy of being served at fine establishments.

Playing The Sims 3 (especially) is fun, but no one would know that until they try it themselves.

So, over the past few weeks I was thinking about all the weird things that just happens to happen when I play the game. I’m talking little glitches that remind one that this is a virtual reality. One night, my Sim had to go home from a venue, and because she’s a celebrity (we get those in Late Night), she gets picked up in a limousine. So she got into the limo, then the limo drives off… right through another car which was in front of it, waiting at the intersection. The car drove through another car. I’ve even seen instances when a limousine turns around on the pavement, and passes through a person.

These glitches, though…

So I want to propose something to Electronic Arts and Maxis, just a little something. You have brought The Sims thus far, and you can take it further. I feel like technology is way more advanced than the technological giants want us to believe, so implementing such changes in time for The Sims 4 is very possible:

  • I know the time can’t be adjusted to be similar to real time because then that would mean to get through a Sim day on normal speed, it would take a whole day. But can the driving take less time because my Sim has been running late for her gigs lately? Just a thought…
  • No more Sims walking through other Sims when they’re turning a corner or something…
  • In the Create A Sim mode, I want the option to make my Sim a vampire or elf or fairy or whatever. It’s a start that a Sim’s skin colour is not just limited to pale white, normal white, tanned, overly tanned, yellowbone, dark-skinned and navy blue…
  • I want travel between worlds with ease. Like, live in Sunset Valley then take a joyride to Bridgeport and party the night away at the Prosper Room then go back home in the early morning, damnit!
  • More career and profession options would be nice, thank you, especially in the base game. How about a Law (& Order) career, and the level 10 stop is Supreme Court Judge? Or we can get imaginative here and allows Sims to become technicians, an Avon salewoman or a fashion designer where they can get a weekly stipend, and earn money per job!
  • A few more new lots, to accompany these possible career opportunities (e.g. an atelier for the budding fashionista!).
  • Please, a chance for lazy Sims to buy their groceries and books and book their spa or skill class appointments online!
  • I know for a fact that in The Sims, alcohol is referred to as “juice” or “nectar”. How about getting some six packs of summa that nectar at EverFresh Delights? Or creating a liquor store adjacent to EverFresh Delights?? For those weekend drink-ups (Young Adults and older, only!)…
  • Get rid of the rabbit holes completely! I want to actually see what the Wilsonoff theatre looks like inside. If it’s not too much trouble… if y’all can’t, I won’t be mad. I will still support!
  • I heard that there is a University Life expansion pack on the way, and I did a little leap for joy and giggled like a socially awkward nerd. Now I can be able to play out a little of my student life in the game. Oh, happy day!
  • A fellow Simmer on a forum suggested that there should be two separate games, one for teen gamers and the other for mature gamers (like me). The mature game will contain all the aspects of real adult life so our Sims can drink and smoke all the stuff we do in real life. Interesting…it would really add a lot to the gameplay. But I doubt it will ever happen in our lifetime.
  • Amusement park! Amusement park!
  • Make the worlds bigger, so I can plant more houses and empty lots and make something like a small city. I realised this is necessary after I found Bridgeport has no space at all, and it’s very hilly.
  • More interesting moodlets! I know you folks at Maxis can pull a lot of crazy things out of thin air for this game!

To other avid Simmers, these requests may seem petty, but for me this is all I need to make my gaming experience more worthwhile and fun. As much as it is all virtual, I want to feel like it is real life.

One thought on “Things I’m expecting to see in The Sims 4

  1. One thing that Electronics Art has pulled off with Sims 3 is that this video game encourages creative experimentation. However, I also want EA to take things a notch higher by focusing on giving interactions a realistic feel. I love the stories I create with my Sims, so making interactions more realistic will definitely make the gameplay experience more fun!


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