Hypothesis: The Purpose Of The Cockshot Is To Test Boundaries

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I told my niece one time, and I stole it from I don’t remember where, “if a guy offers to buy you a drink and you say no, and he pesters you until you say okay, what he wants for his money is to find out if you can be talked out of no.” 

I don’t get pictures of strangers’ genitals in my inbox, but lots of women I know do.  It’s common in some dating sites and apps, and the ubiquity of the cockshot on Fetlife spawns its own breeds and strains of jokes.  And the joke is that they are famously NOT HOT.  I’m not talking about people trading pictures when they know each other, or are in the process of getting to know each other.  I’m talking about the unsolicited stranger cockshot.  If it is so famously not going to arouse the recipient (I know zero women who…

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I missed you…

I honestly did. Pwomise…

But I had my life to deal in the past 10 months so I had to take a step back. It’s been too long that I was away. But hey, I’m back now and I will try to stay this time. I promise…

I can’t exactly say why I was absent but it is nothing to be worried about. I just hope the time will come when I’ll be able to share it with you. Unfortunately, there won’t be any posts today about anything because assignments are a bitch and failure is not an option in these academic streets. But next weekend, I will come with something new.



Tshilidzi Makatu

Gay people “will bring on the bloody apocalypse” says Silvester


This gave a me good laugh. I needed that.

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UKIP councillor David Silvester has accused the Prime Minister of causing the storms and floods during the early weeks of the New Year, saying that by making the decision to legalise gay marriage, Cameron had acted “arrogantly against the Gospel”.

Silvester condemns the PM’s decision to legalise gay marriage because the act goes against the Leviticus passage in the Bible which states, “thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind”. Silvester claims that no man can digress from God’s law or disobey divine decree without reaping the worst of consequences and it now seems as though Britain is paying the price for Cameron’s bold move in the form of torrential rain and gale-force winds.

Across the country people are reporting bad weather as a result of the acts of gay people, strengthening Silvester’s allegation. In Devon a middle-aged woman reported that the heavens opened and large hailstones rained down…

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The Standard Hotels, DuJour Media, and Violence Against Women


I really just don’t understand what that picture means. I’d have a better chance successfully writing a dissertation about quantum physics or something than try to understand what the idea is behind this picture.

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Trigger warning: violence against women.

TL;DR: Sign the petition.

UPDATE 8/29: Refocusing on DuJour

moore24f-1-webI have rewritten the petition letter to focus on DuJour, but have left The Standard as a recipient for now. This campaign is still getting press, and if the petition takes off,  would hate like hell for them to miss out on all the fun.

Please continue to share the petition and contact your media peeps.

Thank you for all your help and support!

UPDATE 8/28: On Fauxpologies and Small Victories

standard-downtown-los-angeles-logoIn activism, we have to choose our battles often accept small victories when we’d rather announce that we got everything we wanted the way we’d like to. In the case of The Standard, I’m pretty sure we’ve heard all we’re going to from them unless we step this campaign up in a major way. (DuJour has not responded yet; more on that in a bit.)

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Names, names, names…


Seems to be a lot of young people named Taylor *crosses name off the list*

Sometimes people just don’t get me… or they don’t understand why the things in my life are the way they are. Or why I like/do certain things. So most of the time, I have to explain myself to people (because people — simple, simple people — expect everything in the world to be just linear. Especially when it comes to names. White people (especially in South Africa), stand up. You are guilty of this a lot. You butcher the most simple African names, put non-existent accents on the vowels, try your hand at messing up how the consonants are pronounced. And one thing a friend of mine pointed out, you LOVE to put smooth r’s where they don’t even belong. For example, my surname “Makatu” falls victim to your English ways: mah-kah-tuu becomes mar-car-too.

I’ve met a lot of people with very interesting names and have (I have!) wondered why they were given those names. Nobody can give their child a name just because “ooh it sounds so nice and unique!”. Unfortunately, there are those that do, names that may have no meaning at all or have a meaning that isn’t so positive. On the other hand, there are people who give their children names that are just downright EMBARRASSING. Naming your son Humphrey in this day can cause some problems, and don’t be surprised when your son doesn’t become Homecoming King.

I believe in bestowing names upon children that has positive meanings and “just seem right” so that the kids can go out and be the kind of people that their names stand for. Or giving your baby girl or boy a name that describes how you feel having him/her in your life. I’m yet to have a baby, but I have a reserve of names (for both sexes) that I can look to when the time comes.

I’ll be talking about the issues that come up when I introduce myself to a stranger and they ask me what my real name is because “Chilli” is not realistic. Also, I delve into the small tidbits about the names of my family members, and the way me and my sisters have had to appease our multi-cultural classmates and acquaintances all the while never losing meaning of our names. Continue reading

Addressing ALL Celebrity Stans

English: NYC signing September 1, 2009 at Nint...

English: NYC signing September 1, 2009 at Nintendo Store – New York City, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m about to make some people mad here. But I left all my fucks behind in Paris when I came back to start the new semester, so…

Beyhive, Navy, Barbs, Beliebers, Directioners, Lovatics, Team Breezy, whatever, read up. From one music lover to another, let’s get some thangs straight. But first let me introduce myself.

My name is Chilli. I love music like nothing else. I luhhhh it! I’m continuously seeking out new music I’ve not let my ears experience before, and I always know when  I’ve come across a good thing. I have an iPod which serves a great purpose to me everyday, and it’s to fill my life with beautiful sound. I also have Panasonic headphones that make sure I can feel every lilt and “boom” in the beat, and all the curves of the artists’ voices.

However, like most of you “stans”, I do not have a “fave”. But there are many artists that I equally like and fawn over because of their artistic genius. No matter how much I love Frank Ocean, Emeli Sandé or Emalkay (dubstep producer), I cannot, I just CANNOT worship them. I’m not very good at giving my all to one person, and throwing myself down to the floor in praise of them. And honestly, I don’t think the people whose music I love to listen to would want me to waste my time loving them, all the while forgetting about my own life. Continue reading

Listen (or in this case, read), I will only say this once

Been allergic circa. forever.

Been allergic circa. forever.

I’m fed up with the state of the world. One of these days I’d like to just scream out loud until my frustration is gone, but then I don’t want security guards or my neighbours rushing to my room thinking I’m in trouble. I think some people who might look through here and think “what a moaner! Doesn’t anything happy ever happen to you?” Actually, I do have good times, but those are not enough to crack my fingers out for a post.

And don’t people like reading sombre news anyway?

Never in the past five years before 2012 had I seen so many stories of rape come out of the woodwork. Like there was a point that almost every week, there was a new report of women being gang-raped by men in some part of the world. The United States (Steuben-flipping-ville), South Africa (Anene Booysen, to name one victim), South America (a group of female tourists were kidnapped then assaulted over a couple of days by some local men) and… sigh… India.

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